User Choice (Traineeships)

What is a User Choice?

The User Choice Program provides funding contributions towards the cost of training and assessment services for eligible Queensland trainees and apprentices.

What courses does HANMAC offer under User Choice?

HANMAC is currently approved to offer the following employment based traineeships under User Choice:

For further information relating to HANMACs User Choice program contact HANMACs office on (07)47 951461.

** Indicates qualifications currently in transition.
What is a Traineeship / Apprenticeship?

Traineeships combine training with working in a real job, for a real boss, with a real wage. Apprentices and trainees complete a nationally recognised qualification while learning valuable skills at work and under the guidance of a training organisation. Upon completion, you may find yourself in a great place to keep working, go on to future study or even start your own business.

Facts about Traineeships:
  • Traineeships combine work with structured training.
  • Traineeships require employers to enter into a training contract with the apprentice or trainee.
  • Employers work with a training organisation and the trainee to draw up a training plan.
  • Training options must be negotiated and outlined in the training plan. Aspects of training that are open to negotiation (subject to training package requirements) include: selection, content and sequencing or competency units, timing, location and mode of delivery, and the trainer of facilitator.