Feedback, Complaints and Appeals


HANMAC encourages current and ex students, employers and organisations that we work with to provide feedback on our training and services so that we know what we are doing right and what we can improve. Feedback can be submitted over the phone (07) 4795 1461, via email [email protected] , in person at our head office or through the feedback form available from the head office or your trainer. HANMAC considers all feedback important and, where feedback identifies issues with our training or services, will work with the relevant parties to reach a satisfactory outcome.


If you are a current or ex student, an employer or a placement organisation working with HANMAC who has a complaint about the training and services offered by HANMAC please let us know so that we can investigate the matter. All complaints are taken seriously by HANMAC.

If it is a matter that can be fixed without formal action or is of a non serious nature, please contact HANMAC on (07) 4795 1461 or drop into the head office and talk to one of HANMAC’s friendly staff. We will work with you to rectify your issue.

If your compliant is of a serious nature or you want to lodge a formal complaint this can be done to the manager or compliance manager:

Formal complaints and serious complaints must be lodged in writing outlining the nature of your compliant within 7 days of the issue which has led to the formal complaint being lodged. You will be issued a letter or return email acknowledging receipt of your complaint within 48 hours of your complaint being received and accepted by HANMAC.

Complaints will be handled in accordance with HANMAC’s complaints policy, copies of which are available on request, in a way that affords all parties involved the right to transparency and natural justice. Parties involved in a compliant will be informed of outcomes within 14 days of  a decision being reached in relation to the complaint.

Complaints relating to an incident or event will only be accepted by parties involved in the complaint or direct witnesses to the incident or event. HANMAC reserves the right to verify the identity of complainants prior to accepting a lodged complaint regarding an incident or event.


HANMAC process three kinds of appeals

  • Academic appeals
  • Disciplinary appeals
  • Complaint appeals

Appeals lodged with HANMAC are handled in accordance with HANMAC’a appeals policy, copies of which are available on request.

HANMAC will only accept appeals lodge by the appealing student on their own behalf. Appeals lodged by a third party will be declined.

Parties involved in  the appeal will be informed of outcomes within 14 days of an appeals decision being reached. If you remain unhappy after the appeals process you may have the right to take further action.