Partial refund of fees paid* may be available in the event of:

  • A student’s withdrawal from a course postponed by HANMAC after commencement.
  • Cancellation of a course by HANMAC after commencement.
  • A student’s withdrawal due to chronic illness or extraordinary circumstance (evidence of such will be requested).
  • A student’s withdrawal prior to their commencement (refund will not include the non-refundable enrolment fee).

Partial refunds will be calculated on a pro-rata basis taking into account the amount of time lapsed on the student’s enrolment, the amount of training and support provided, and resources issued.

Full refund of fees paid* may be available in the event of:

  • Cancellation of course by HANMAC before commencement**.
  • Overpayment by the student (refund will be for the amount overpaid only).

Refunds will not be available to/for students who:

  • Withdraw from their chosen course after commencement (with exception of reasons mentioned above).
  • Are being terminated from their chosen course by HANMAC.
  • Have their enrolment cancelled by HANMAC (with exception of reasons mentioned above).
  • Sign up and commence under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program or Higher Level Skills program (QLD government initiatives).

* Refunds are approved at the discretion of HANMACs directors.

Refunds process

Refund applications must be lodged in writing within 14 days of the student meeting the requirements for a refund, or an overpayment is identified. Applications can be submitted in person or via email.

Once received, HANMAC’s directors will consider the refund application, approve or deny the application and decide on the amount to be refunded to successful applicants. The applicant will be informed of the director’s decisions within 14 days of a decision being reached.

Refunds will only be provided to the person or organisation who made payment, will never be more then what has been paid/overpaid by the applicant, and will only be provided in the same way that payment was taken i.e. returned to credit card/debit card, eftpos etc. HANMAC reserves the right to verify that the applicant is the payer before paying a refund. 

The applicant will have 1 month from the date of approval to claim their refund. After this period the applicant will be required to reapply again.